Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Happiness: [hap-ee-nis]
1.       the quality or state of being happy
2.       good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

As defined by happiness is something that happens when good circumstances exist in our lives. But is that really happiness?

Is true happiness defined by how much a raise at work was, or the “A” grade received on a test? Or is happiness something more abstract?

As I sit in the Wilkinson Center on BYU’s campus, it is easy to observe those who are “really” happy. To me, happiness is defined in the face of a young woman saying her goodbyes to her friends for 18 months as she prepares to serve abroad. Happiness is also found in the concentrated face of a twenty-something, shoveling pancakes into his mouth. It is also found in the faces of people walking by, quietly contemplating the blessing that life is.

Perhaps it is easy to see such abundant happiness on a college campus, but I dare say that in the “real” world, it is just as easy to find true happiness. It is found in the faces of children swinging at recess and in the teachers watching them. Happiness is found in a phone call of an old friend saying hello. Happiness is found in the cheery check-out person at the grocery store, utterly content to do her job and make someone’s day.

In this world, though it is not always easy to see, happiness does abound. It is found in every nook and corner of everyone’s life. Some just choose not to see it. As I have been contemplating my own happiness, I have come to realize that I am happy. Happy to attend BYU. Happy to have such an amazing fiancé. Happy to have boots on a cold morning. Happy to have chocolate brownie CLIF bars when I forget breakfast. And just happy to have the opportunity to be alive.

As we walk everyday faced with trials, afflictions, sicknesses, and unhappiness; let us remember the simple beauties of life. Let us not ever think for even a moment to dwell on the unhappy things in life, rather let us focus on our blessings. Perhaps the traditional, “count your blessings” counsel is old, but it is not outdated.

True happiness is accomplished when we decide to be happy. When we decide to look for joys, not sorrows. And it is found when we take the time to be grateful and ever thankful for each and every blessing in our lives.

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